Yarn Store Outings

During your adventures outside the city, don't forget to visit some wonderful yarn stores that'll have you like a kid in a candy store. Two of them are new and all three are in the lower Hudson Valley/ Upper Westchester.

The first (and accessible by MetroNorth) is Knittingsmith on 35 Chestnut Street in the Town of Cold Spring (845) 265-6566. Don't be turned off by the 'K' word in the name! Although she has predominantly knitting patterns (what up with the "Knittism" in our society?), the yarns, of course, are good for crochet and they are just yummy. She's also been harassed by all the crocheters in the area (me included!) and promised she will be stocking up with more crochet patterns. The owner is a lovely woman and is incredibly helpful. They also have classes and workshops (again mainly for knitting, but I'm hoping to change that soon!). The store is open Tues-Sat (closed on Sun and Mon).

The second store is called Yarn Central and is located at 2593 Route 52 in Hopewell Junction (845) 223-8355. The owner there is also a darling and very helpful with questions. There's a wonderful range of yarns and patterns (she's even got some foreign magazines with designs that dropped my jaw to the ground). She's crocheter-friendly and, although I spend less time there than at Knittingsmith, maybe I'll try advocating for us there as well!

Finally, at 819 Washington Street in the Town of Peekskill, there's the Cozy Corner Yarn Shop (914) 939-0179, which you may be more familiar with since it has been there for some time. Once again, the owner is truly friendly (as is her little poodle who will probably greet you at the door). Although I found the range of yarn to be more limited than at the other two stores, there is still a good selection and a few gems. So in your next visit to my neck of the woods, have fun yarn shopping and don't forget to speak up for our crocheting needs! Down with Knittism!! (I'm also a knitter so I can talk!).

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