School Products: A Yarn Store Story

I have always heard of School Products but didn't know what it was all about. A couple of friends from work and I were meeting in the city on a recent Saturday to go to Lincoln Center to the craft fair, and I asked if we could meet at School Products. They had no problem with that since they were coming into Penn Station and I was coming into Grand Central. Also, the fair wasn't supposed to start until later, so we agreed to meet at School Products.

Both friends were amazed at the stock in the store, as was I. We couldn't get enough of the colors and textures. I bought a cone of lightweight chenille but it took quite a while deciding what to get. One of my other friends had the same dilemma but finally settled on her purchase of chenille skeins and some ribbon yarn to make a scarf. She keeps talking about some hand dyed ribbon yarn that she wants to go back and buy. We had such an enjoyable time that we may get together again and check out another yarn store. We also were lucky with the weather; we got there before the sun came out but when it did -- WOW!!! Also in our favor, we left before the rain came down and were on the train when it poured. What a lovely day I had.

A suggestion: if a group wants to meet in the city and just browse through yarn and bead stores, I am sure it would be a fun day!!

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